New Project: CPA 15-02 is an application to amend the Comprehensive Plan for 66 +/- acres west of Dale Mabry and Geraci Rd. from a density of 1 single family home/acre to 4 single family homes/acre. See more by clicking the "Projects" tab.

Also, THANK YOU to everyone who has donated to the Coalition's "Sunlake Legal Defense Fund". We invite those of whom who have not yet donated, to consider doing so.



Home of the Lutz Citizens Coalition
"Giving our Lutz neighbors a voice!"

By our own choice, ours is a quiet rural community.

A shrinking oasis from the chaos and turmoil of urban life, and the traffic and uniformity of boilerplate suburbia.

Here, green is the color of the day. Lush, wide open fields and rich dense woodlands. Not merely the "feel" of openness and spaciousness, but the real thing, with lazy winding roads and lanes that sway around lakes with interconnecting canals and natural ponds. Beautifully pristine Florida wetlands teeming with an array of birds and wildlife, with the occasional glimpse of a bobcat, fox, or deer.

The people of Lutz are fiercely independent, honest, and hard working. Neighbors and visitors alike wave in passing. Where neighbors know each other, and, when needed, help one another... without the need of being asked.

Lutz, where we place great value in the sanctity of a quiet and peaceful lifestyle. We're just "Livin' the Lutz Life"!

Is it worth 5 cents a day to protect and preserve YOUR community against inappropriate and unsustainable growth? 

If so, we invite you to consider joining your voice with ours!

By joining the "Coalition", you help to protect Lutz.

To join LCC, click here, which will direct you to the application form.  Please print, complete (Please print clearly), and mail the application form (with dues) to:
Lutz Citizens Coalition, P.O. Box 592, Lutz, FL  33548


This is a not-for-profit community-based website with content based around local concerns, incoming development and other events occuring in our wonderful community of Lutz Florida.


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